Scout Laws & Promise



I promise that i will do my best, to my duty to God, to serve my country help other people and to keep the Scout Law


1. A Scout is faithful and can be trusted 

2. A Scout is useful and helpful

3. A Scout is friendly and considerate

4. A Scout is a brother to every other Scout

5. A Scout is kind to animals and has reverence for all living things

6. A Scout is obedient 

7. A Scout is courageous and Cheerful

8. A Scout makes good use of his time 

9. A Scout takes care of his own possession and those of other people

10. A Scout is self-controlled in all he/she thinks, says and does


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The Headquarters of the GSA is located at Accra High Street, at the Baden Powell Centenary Hall Premises.
Post office Box GP 108
High Street-Accra

Office Telephone: 0302- 663627


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