Success story (Samba Al-hassan)


This is a success story of a Wood badge holder, called Samba Al-hassan, who resides in the Ashanti Region, Obuasi to be precise. He went through the whole Scouting training framework and finally completed the Wood Badge training course in 2020. He is an active scout who made a significant impact in his community after attending the Wood Badge Training Course.


  • Within the municipality of Obuasi, he was able to establish Scout groups to increase the number of Scouts and contribute to the realization of the Association's vision.


  • Successfully, he has been able to create a Scout group for person’s with Intellectual Disability and Development Disability (IDDD) within the Municipality of Obuasi. To strengthen it, he assigned few scouts within the group to each of the IDs/DDs. The group will serve as an eye opener to the people within the municipality of Obuasi to accept person’s with IDDD and help them (IDDD) reach their full potential. Also the group has engaged in several scouting activities with person’s with IDDD.



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