14th World Scout Youth Forum


The 14th World Scout Youth Forum was held virtual from 18th to 22nd August, 2021. Members from the Ghana Scout Association participated in the first-ever virtual World Scout Youth Forum (WSYF). The three (3) Youth delegation for Ghana Scout Association met at the National Headquarters to participate in the virtual event.

On the first day of the event, young people gathered virtually from across the Movement to embark on an exciting Youth Forum journey and engage in decision-making, networking and learning opportunities. Young people had the opportunity to work in International Teams to make discussions.

The day started with the opening plenary session and participants were challenged to have fun by leaning the Youth Forum Dance. After the opening session, young people were taken through three session which included; Innovation, Leadership and Global Citizenship. Participants engaged in a voting process to appoint a Drafting Committee and Tellers, as well as approve the Rules of Procedure to guide the process of making decisions during the World Scout Forum. Also participants had the opportunity to meet the eighteen (18) Youth Advisor candidates from across the globe who were running for election.

The second day was full of learning, fun and meeting new people. Young people were empowered to lead projects for sustainable development, met the Youth Advisor candidates and casted their votes. Participants had the chance to enrol in the various sessions; Active citizenship through science and innovation, contribution towards peace and sustainable development.

The third day continued to engage participants in learning opportunities, networking and inspiring discussions. After becoming familiar with the eVoting System, participants had the opportunity to make one of the defining decisions of the Youth Forum with the election of the Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee (WSC).  

The fourth day was full of activities and workshops that enabled young people to continue along their progressive learning journeys, and work in their International Teams with Scouts from different background and nationalities around the world. Participants joined breakout sessions to work on their Personal Action Plans - a major innovation of this year’s event. The Personal Action Plan challenges participants to build bridges between the Youth Forum and their local communities, transforming the outcomes of the event into local and national actions. These plans will help young people develop a service project idea that they can implement back in their community or National Scout Organization (NSO). Participants had the chance to voice their opinions and aspirations as part of the creation of the Youth Forum Declaration, and voted on its final adoption in the plenary session. The Declaration puts forward a strong agenda for Scouting in the next triennium, including a particular focus on climate action and neutrality, meaningful youth engagement, global citizenship education, promoting diversity and inclusion, and supporting communities to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The fifth day which was the last day of the forum started with discussions, plenary, sessions and exhibitions. At the closing plenary session participants were given the chance to partake in a voting process to amend the draft conference resolution and draft objectives of the Triennial plan.


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