The Ghana Scout Association in collaboration with Hampshire Scouts In UK under the project name “Scouts against Malaria”, has donated two hundred (200) treated mosquito nets to the people of Yensiso, a village in the Eastern Region of Ghana. A team of six scouts visited Yensiso village for the donation. The project targeted pregnant women, lactating mothers and mothers with children below the ages of five years. The Chief and Deputy Chief Commissioner was in attendance to assist in the community entry process and the distribution of the treated mosquito nets. The team educated the people on how to fix the treated nets and how to maintain them to last longer. The Chief of Yensiso village thanked the Ghana Scout Association for their support and for taking them into consideration for the project. The midwifery in charge of Kwamoso CHPS compound, also thanked Ghana Scout Association for the donation of treated Mosquito Nets in deprived communities like Yensiso.


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