The Chief Commissioner of the Ghana Scout Association, Mr. Louis Anopong Okyere, has urged every registered Scout member to use the appropriate grievances procedures that have been established to bring issues of concern before the leadership for redress. He said there is no issue that cannot be solved through dialogue and we have reached a level in Scouting  that  rule of law should be used to work in all of our  administrative endeavors without that there will always be chaos and anarchy in this association".

Addressing Scouts at the investiture of Lawyer Sam Seth Wood, Chief Commissioner said that  policies and regulations have been developed to guide the administration of Scouting in Ghana. The Association  has suffered a lot of insurrections in the past. There has been  situations where Scouts have taken  the law into their own hands by locking up the National Head Office to undermine the authority of a constitutionally elected Chief Commissioner and members of his team from office with the usual accussations that the leadership has embezzled funds". He, therefore, condemned such acts. "I will like all of you here today to join me to condemn these these acts of indiscipline behavior and to say never again. I repeat never again should such rude behavior occur again in Scouting".

The Ghana Scout Association, he said was established in 1912, had its Charter in 1914 and became a member of the World Organization of Scout Movement, WOSM, with the main purpose of contributing to the development of the youth in becoming responsible adult citizens in Ghana.



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