History of Scouting

Scouting first came to Ghana in the year 1911 by Samuel Wood of Cape Coast. He was born on 17th January 1886.

When he was a young man, Samuel Wood won a drawing contest which was sponsored by an English newspaper, THE SHEFFIELD WEEKLY.

They offered Samuel Wood a school scholarship as his prize. Unfortunately, the scholarship could only be used only in England and he was unable to travel to the United Kingdom. Instead, he received a prize of several books and a subscription to the newspaper.

One of the books was SCOUTING FOR BOYS written by Robert Baden Powell. After reading the book, Samuel Wood wanted to start a scout group in Gold Coast (Now Ghana). He wrote to the Imperial Headquarters of the Scout Movement in London and asked them how to start a group in Cape Coast.After a short time; a charter was given on4th January, 1912 for the first Gold Coast Scout group in Cape Coast. Soon, boys in other parts of the country heard about scouting and they were interested in joining the scout movement.

On 4th January, 1912 a charter was given for the first Gold Coast Scout group in Cape Coast. The Country Gold Coast was however given a charter for the legislation of Scout on the 15TH October 1914. This therefore means that the first scout group started in Cape Coast in 1912 but the warrant for the Country Gold Coast (Ghana) was issued in 1914. The Ghana Scout Association will therefore be 100 years in 1914.

Troops were formed at Saltpond, Winneba and Accra. A little later, one was formed at Kumasi. Samuel Wood continued to be very active in scouting. In 1914, he became District Commissioner in Accra and he made every effort to spread the movement, because of this effort, the Gold Coast became the first Crown Colony to legislate for the protection of the Scout and Guide Movement. Samuel Wood died on the 9th September, 1952.

Many prominent Ghanaians were active scouts as boys. Two of the members of the first Gold Coast Local Association were the late Hon. Nana Amanfi III CBE Omanhene (Paramount Chief) of Asebu State and the Later Peter Awoonor – Renner B. L.

Also prominent in the early days of Scouting in Ghana were;Ebenezer Blavo,E. D. Tackie, Canon B. T. Quartey,T. J. Whittaker,E. Joe Cobblah,J. Kofi Parry,P. O. Vanderpuije, A. S. O. Blavo,CharlesOkyne,Robert J. Okyne,W. C. Quao,E. Hector – Kennedy,Richard Akwei,G. K. B. De – Graft – Johnson,J. P. C. Chinnery (First Ghanaian Organising Commissioner)


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