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Every 13th March, all the 37 National Scout Associations in the Africa Scout Region celebrate Africa Scouts Day. A resolution was passed by the Africa Union (then Organisation of African Unity) in 1995 during their meeting in Addis Ababa to recognise Scouting in Africa.

This was due to the importance of Scouting towards the development of countries in Africa by training the youth to be self-reliant to play constructive roles towards the development of their communities.

As we go through this important celebration, we are further challenged to educate young people through informal means to be principal agents in their personal developments whiles encouraging adult leaders (volunteers) to broaden their knowledge base by taking advantage of today’s technological advancement.

Our commitment to the principles of Scouting coupled with sound education will not only ensure the proper transformation of us as individuals but mother Ghana as a country. When we continue to act as agents of change, the transformation of our communities will be evident through the simple things we volunteer to do as scouts.

Since scouts (young males and females) are part of communities, there has been the urgent need for a collaborative effort by partners such as religious bodies, individuals (including former scouts), civil society organisations, institutions and companies to work hand in hand with us so that together we can develop especially young people of Ghana into responsible adults. The future of scouting in Ghana is bright!

Whiles not down-playing the role of the government towards the development of scouting, it’s my humble opinion that the government support scouting in Ghana towards the consolidation of the AU resolution.

I congratulate all Scouts in Ghana and in Africa as a whole on this important occasion, It is my hope that scouts across the country will commemorate this day with activities that will have positive impact on others. I also acknowledge the contributions of all past leaders towards the development of Scouting in Ghana, I say bravo!

It is however crucial to note that our aspirations cannot be met if the enabling stable atmosphere is non-existent. I hereby take this opportunity to appeal to leaders of all political parties in Ghana including our religious bodies, the National Peace Council and others to help ensure a peaceful, violent- free election.

May I remind you all that in the event of any mishap before, during and after the elections, it is the youth, our dear children, our future leaders who will bear the brunt most.

It is therefore the inalienable right of all and sundry to eschew personality attacks and rather dwell on issues that will further develop Ghana.

The Ghana Scout Association wishes on this occasion to declare its preparedness to support the youth of this country in demanding peace during the 2012 elections.

Bravo to you all