Ashanti Regional Scout partnered Inclusion Ghana; an advocacy group to have a day training on intellectual disability. The event took place on the 16th of August, 2020 in the Obuasi Municipality. All safety protocalls on the preventive measures to curb the spread of the noval coronavirus were adhered to before the commencement of the training programme. The training session was in two folds;

The first session introduced scouts to what intellectual disability really is as well as the cause. The aim was to erase the notion people attribute to these individuals.

The second phase tagged "the best buddy system". This session focus on integrating the intellectually disabled into the environment by way of being a friend; 'best buddy' to them. This when done will help these individuals to have confidence in themselves which drives them to achieve something more than what they already have. it is about empowering them to believe in themselves and do more.

This is a good milestone achived in educating scouts on intellectual disability. we believe the training was an educative and insightful one which will help scouts to champion this cause of advocating for the intellectually disabled and also integrating them during events.

The Ashanti Regional Commissioner, Benjamin Alhassan Akasui said he was pleased this tarining took place as he believes it will go a long way to improve the lives of these intellectualy disabled people and empower them to do more for themselves and society. He said some of them may even have hidden talents that they can contribute to society's well being. 

Inclusion Ghana has partnered the Ghana Scout Association on a very important topic which the Association itself addresses in its diversity and inclusion policy. Hopefully there will be more partnerships like this in the future with inclusion Ghana who are also championing the cause of diversity and inclusion in the country.


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