The Scout Law

A Scout is loyal and can be trusted.
Scout is useful and helpful.
Scout is friendly and considerate.
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Welcome To Ghana Scout Association

Scouting first came to Ghana in the year 1911 by Samuel Wood of Cape Coast. He was born on 17th January 1886 .When he was a young man, Samuel Wood won a drawing contest which was sponsored by an English newspaper, THE SHEFFIELD WEEKLY.

They offered Samuel Wood a school scholarship as his prize. Unfortunately, the scholarship could only be used only in England and he was unable to travel to the United Kingdom.

Instead, he received a prize of several books and a subscription to the newspaper. One of the books was SCOUTING FOR BOYS written by Robert Baden Powell. After reading the book, Samuel Wood wanted to start a scout group in Gold Coast (Now Ghana)

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GSA conducts GSAT assessment

GSA conducts GSAT assessment.......Read More

GSA organises Woodbadge course for leaders

GSA organises Woodbadge course for leaders.......Read More